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A natural source, high in omega 3 fatty acids, taking omega 3 fish oil as a food supplement offers nutrition rich in two fatty acids, EPA and DHA.

It is an excellent source of omega 3 fatty acids, the fat our bodies needs for cardiovascular health.

Omega 3 fish oil may be used for improving organ function and may help to reduce fat levels inside the blood.

The other benefits research has uncovered for fish oil are as described below.

‘Brain food’ is a expression regularly used to describe fish and seafood.

Fish oil and the omega 3 essential fatty acids it consists of, can have a positive impact and are helpful to treat Alzheimer’s disease, as stated in studies conducted at the University of California and the Louisiana State University.

Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, was not so prevalent among people as their diet consisted of copious amounts of fish and seafood, according to the exact research.

To this end, it is possible to improve the chances of protecting against these health conditions from developing with the help of omega 3s.

Asthma is a condition that affects the airways, making it difficult for individuals to breathe correctly.

Long-term airway inflammation is a extremely intense health problem, far more acute than many people are aware.

Fish oil appears to be able to help lower the number of asthma attacks, as studies carried out by the University of Sydney have revealed.

Research conducted in Wyoming back up these results as it was found out that fish oil in someone’s diet helped to reduce asthma symptoms in some individuals.

Fish oil can help reduce the inflammation that results in the airways to tighten during the course of an episode, as researchers in France have found.

The same research also observed an improvement in general lung function after sufferers had been given healthy doses of fish oil.

Though fish oil can help relieve symptoms, it is still recommended that asthma sufferers continue their normal, prescribed treatment.

It’s for ages been noted that individuals suffering from diabetes type II are likely to experience other health problems associated with this condition.

With time, high blood sugar levels can end up damaging vital organs.

Diabetic individuals could experience damage to both the large and small blood vessels, which could up the risks of suffering from heart attacks or stroke.

Various experts accept that some individuals with diabetes were able to notice a decrease in symptoms by closely watching diet and exercise.

At the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom, experts learned that a number of diabetics had reduced triglyceride in the blood after taking fish oil.

In cases where triglycerides are reduced, the risk of clogged arteries from cholesterol is decreased, as well as the risk of enduring a heart attack or a stroke.

Many people understand only too well about the unpleasant symptoms related to irritable bowel syndrome.

Symptoms may include painful belly cramps, bloating, flatulence, bowel irregularity or diarrhea.

Researchers have been conducted to find similarities in diet for people with irritable bowel syndrome, discovering that they tend to eat plenty of red meat, saturated fats and highly processed carbs.

Certain foods much like these can in fact trigger IBS symptoms at times, yet others are more affected by one of two, spicy foods or sugary foods.

But the research also revealed that patients noticed lowered levels of inflammation when they limited their consumption of trigger-foods and raised the amount of Omega 3 they got, from either consuming more fish or by using fish oil supplements.

Many individuals say they experience a cutback in how unpleasant the symptoms are since trying this.

Fish oil is apparently useful in overcoming depression and anxiety, a research conducted at Case Western Reserve University found.

Scientists noticed that the degree of depression reported in places where fish is a mainstay is much lower.

In contrast, in countries where fish isn’t consumed quite often, reports of depression and anxiety are increasingly widespread.

And so, it’s been found that choosing fish oil, worked to minimize the symptoms of clinical depression, whilst at the same time handling the levels of anxiety and stress due to its composition of omega 3 essential fatty acids.

The University of Maryland Medical Center discovered, through various studies, that fish oil can reduce the odds of a person suffering from a stroke.

The study found that patients receiving omega 3, had higher levels of HDL cholesterol, more commonly referred to as good cholesterol.

Individuals with healthy ‘good’ cholesterol levels have a lower chance of developing atherosclerosis.

The narrowing of the arteries brought on by an excessive amount of cholesterol being lodged on the walls of your arteries is what this condition is.

You’re able to substantially lower the chances of the oncoming of this condition by ensuring your diet has adequate amounts of omega 3.

Studies conducted in Denmark of approximately 9,000 women that are pregnant showed that expecting women who had taken fish oil throughout the pregnancy had been a lot less likely to suffer from post-natal depression.

What’s more, the study revealed that women with healthy amounts of omega 3 were less likely to go into labor prematurely.

Along with this, an identical study revealed that newborns born after the mother took fish oil, had greater levels of hand-eye coordination unlike babies who didn’t reap the benefits of omega 3 from the mother’s diet.

Notwithstanding, it is not advisable for expectant women to take any liver oil based supplements namely cod-liver oil.

You are better off using supplements made from pure fish oil.

Children showing classic symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder generally have a very low attention span, show hyperactive and impulsive behavior, generally have poor co-ordination, and low concentration levels.

Short lived memory problems, dyslexia, learning disorders, and emotional issues are some of the other symptoms children having ADHD may show.

Experts at the University of South Australia found, however, that fish oil can help alleviate symptoms in children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Omega 3 fatty acids can also help boost brain performance in children with these particular problems because the brain is comprised of 60% fat.

Fish oil is proven, by a number of studies, to produce a beneficial impact on the performance of the brain.

It seemingly have a beneficial effect on concentration and focus.

As a supplementation to standard ADHD treatment in children, fish oil has the potential to offer excellent results.

The omega 3 essential fatty acids inside fish oil are the primary cause of the countless benefits it provides.

These omega 3 essential fatty acids include things like EPA, DHA, Alpha-linolenic acid and Gamma-linolenic acid, and several others, are proven to be of benefit for health.

Foods are pretty much the single supply of these omega 3 essential fatty acids, due to the fact the body can’t manufacture them by itself.

People with deficiencies in omega 3 fatty acids are at greater risk in terms of the onset of cardiovascular issues, according to studies performed at the Linus Pauling Institute.

Actually, clinical tests conducted by the American Heart Association reveal that a regular intake of omega 3 has a noticeable impact on reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.

With the help of fish oil, it’s possible to minimize the risk of and decrease the effects of atherosclerosis as well as stopping the dangerous accumulation of triglycerides, according to several studies.

The study also found that people had a lower risk of dying from heart attacks if they included fish oil supplements on a regular basis.


Regardless of the fact that fish oil is not a remedy on its own for the chronic health problems we’ve mentioned, it may still offer a lot of advantages.

Most health professionals and nutrition experts think that it is wise to eat fish, at least twice per week.

They also think that it is best if you eat more nuts, fruits, fresh produce and whole grain products.

These types of foods, are a source of the omega 3 the body must have to perform well.

That said, it’s very possible to find fish oil supplements that will deliver the recommended amount of omega 3 essential fatty acids we need.

There are so many fish oil supplements available, it’s important to make sure you’re choosing the right one.

In essence, the supplement you decide on must be made from pure fish oil that doesn’t have any pollutants.

This will allow you to get the most from fish oil over time.